From the time I was a girl, I would talk to flowers. When I became pregnant with our daughter, my intuition blossomed too, and I was able to hear them talking back. (I mean, really, a white lilac in Brooklyn gave me the nicest pep talk when I was about 8 weeks along.) In the years since, the conversation has deepened. I am learning more and more of the language.

At Merryrose, I offer intuitive flower readings.

I don’t know how better to put this than to say the flowers tell me what gifts they wish to offer you to help you feel supported. Although that sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? “The flowers?” But, yes, through private ritual in a different state of consciousness, I connect with Nature and it’s the flowers of the earth (but mostly those geographically near to me) that appear with messages for you. Sometimes, they show me images and other times, I hear words. Sometimes, they will place phrases and sentences in the centre of my mind using an old vintage typewriter font. (It’s magical to have words appear inside my consciousness as though they were typed there – the flowers know my fondness for old typewriters!)

What to expect
during an intuitive flower reading:

It’s so very simple. You don’t need to prepare. We’ll meet for an audio-only call through Zoom, and we will talk about what’s happening in your life. I will ask questions and I will listen. (Mostly, I will listen.) This isn’t therapy. I will not offer answers and we will not be trying to fix anything — there is nothing to fix.

After our time together (about 45 minutes), we will say goodbye, and I will enter into a deeper meditative state and will write down what comes to me. Over the next few days, the images will continue to “develop” (like a very slow Polaroid, if you remember those). I will share with you what the flowers have shared with me in a short written note, which I will mail to you, the next week.

The flowers, to set your expectations, aren’t like psychics. They won’t ask me to tell you to dump the partner or to change the job. They might show a stand of pine trees, tops meeting in the centre overhead, creating a canopy, a small round window to sky, a sanctuary below. And you may know what it represents right away, or it may come clear at another time, but it is always a beautiful love note from Nature. What it is, I’ve come to understand, is everything the flowers love about you. That note is a precious, essential part of the experience.

Kind words…

As I hold this potion distilled with the essence of flowers, combined specially just for me, I sense the vibrations of nature and flowers, beauty and healing. The kind of healing that comes from connecting, deep listening and intuition. Your letter calms my heart, and brings tears to my eyes. The beautiful images feel right and beautiful and true with their messages. Since using the potion, I feel braver! And my heart feels strong, as I take steps into my future. The waters I traverse feel gentle. The way feels loving and tender. I feel supported.
—J, Canada

I have read your note roughly 7 million times since its arrival. Thank you for seeing me, and for caring, and for being wonderful. —E, USA

Thank you so much for this wonderful package that I received! Opening it was such a joy! Thank you so much for your very kind and love-filled letter. I’ve read it over and over and it makes me feel so warm inside. I’m grateful towards myself for allowing myself this gift. And I’m grateful to you for offering this to the world! And as the peonies in my house unfold and I enjoy their beauty and make plans to plant them in our garden as well, and I see buttercups everywhere, I feel supported, loved and grateful.  — M, The Netherlands

I’m looking at our flower essences sitting next to me right now and my heart is overflowing with delight. I’m also putting the love note from the flowers (and you) under my pillow. There’s a beautiful energy and magic to the words and I am open to them infusing my dreams. You’ve filled my heart with gratitude.— A, USA

bottle-shot-revAlong with your intuitive flower reading, I will prepare for you a custom blend of flower essences.

Flower essences are a form of energy medicine. Different flowers have different qualities and offerings, different energies (and personalities even, at least as I experience them), and when they are made into a bottle of flower essence (a combination of the flower’s essence released from the flower by sun or moonlight, plus spring water, goodwill, intention, and a tiny bit of sweet brandy as preservative), you can imbibe the gifts they offer. It’s a profoundly poetic way to consciously bring the beauty of Nature into one’s own body.

I will encourage you to make a simple ritual for yourself around the taking of your own flower essence blend (and will include some thoughts in your package). Your Merryrose experience begins in our session together and continues for the next weeks once you receive your custom flower essence blend and take it through the day, pausing, even if only for seconds, to be with the flowers and to be with yourself and to witness the comingling. Taken daily, your bottle will last about a moon cycle.

I use Sacred Forest flower essences made from Appalachian wildflowers for my Merryrose blends because they’re ethically and lovingly prepared by kind elders who have become friends, Grandparents of the Forest, and because the flowers are those I grew up with as a girl walking the Bruce trails of the Niagara escarpment. They are the flowers I’ve known the longest.

What to expect
when you take your flower essence blend by Merryrose:

Let any expectations float lightly away, like dandelion seeds in flight. There is no right thing to feel or experience. That is part of the delight. You will take these drops, sipping them in a small glass of water, and you may feel sadness or anger or weariness. You may feel liberated or giddy. You may not feel a thing at first. You may realize that it’s been days since you thought about an ex or held a certain worry. What you will do together with the flowers is very individual and personal. The very least that you will receive is a moment, four times each day (if that’s how often you take it), when you feel that you are drinking beauty and giving yourself a pause of kindness. That is my wish for you, as the starting place. Any more is more. Whatever you experience will be enough and right. And several, several moments of beauty.

I do not do readings for children (except our own) so if you are looking for flower essences to support your child (or you would like just the flower essences, no flower reading), I would refer you to my cherished mentor, Deb Vail at Grandparents of the Forest. You will love her.

My name is Carrie.

I call the largest city in Canada, beloved Toronto, home. I grow delicate Lily of the Valley in our tiny yard of mostly interlocking brickwork and I walk the ravine systems beneath the highways with our four-year-old daughter, a sprig of phlox tucked behind her ear. I am remembering (and reminding myself) that Nature is everywhere – even between sidewalk cracks, even on the subway – and that it nourishes us and our sense of interconnection. Merryrose is a heart project of mine. I’m also a writer and Reiki master and amateur gardener who grew her first tomatoes last summer (what a miracle!). I love opera, Chagall, champagne, and yellow dresses. And roses, lilacs, pansies, and peonies.

You might have questions…

Is a flower essence like an essential oil?

They both come from plants, but they are fairly different. Flower essences are subtle energy medicine. Using nature’s elements – air, sunlight, spring water – the energetic essence of pristine blossoms at full bloom is imprinted or decocted into the water, which is then preserved. Very few flowers are needed to make a floral essence mother from which many bottles of a particular flower essence may be made.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are often made using mechanical equipment. The aromatic compounds from the plants – flowers, but also bark, roots, and more, depending on the oil being prepared – are distilled and bottled. A great deal of plant matter is needed to produce the oils, which are used for different purposes, most commonly for aromatherapy.

How long will my bottle of flower essences last?

This depends. You will decide. If you take 4 drops, 4 times a day, which is a common practice, your custom blend of flower essences will last you about a moon cycle, which is more than enough time to fully experience the gifts of the flowers. You may, though, only ever need one drop; some flowers are so powerful, you wouldn’t feel drawn to take more than that. Others, you might only take in certain circumstances. There is one flower I often turn to when I have to see a particular person. I take it whenever I visit that home, and it will last me a year, I’m sure. You will feel called to take your flower essence blend; when you want it and when you remember will be exactly right.

Will it smell like flowers?

Sometimes, I swear I smell the fragrance of the flowers around me when I take certain essences, but, no, there are no aromatic compounds in the flower essence so if you sniff the bottle, you’ll enjoy the sweetly light smell of brandy and not the flowers themselves.

How do I take flower essences?

It’s nice to have a beautiful glass set aside for this special purpose. A vintage brandy snifter or champagne coupe is lovely! Fill with a small amount of water and then add drops of your flower essence and sip, visualizing the flowers you’re drinking. Then, thank them in your mind. You may wish to place your hand on your heart for a few minutes afterwards to be extra present with your feelings. I also like to have a notebook handy for insights that come to me.

You may also wish to add drops to a carafe of water you drink from all day long. Or you can place drops on your wrists, heart, or anywhere else on your body that feels right to you.

I want to book an intuitive flower reading with you but I’m in another part of the world. What if you don’t have any openings for my time zone?

After you’ve purchased your reading with me and you’ve reviewed the calendar, if there are no reasonable times for you, pick any date, and then email me right away to reschedule and we’ll make it work. In special circumstances, I’m willing to do moonlight readings for international flower-lovers.

The name Merryrose is an homage to my beloved Grandma Mary who grew roses and greeted wildflowers and was first to give me their names. From the other side, I know she is still teaching me about flowers.

I would love to send you a note from the flowers, and your own custom blend of floral essences.

Each Merryrose listening session + flower note + bottle of blended-for-you flower essences is $275. (Once you have paid below, you should receive an invitation by email to schedule your appointment with Merryrose. If you don’t, please check your spam folder, and if it isn’t there, send me a message.)


I have ideas for workshops in woodlands, communing with flowers and waterfalls, near to Toronto and far (there are flowers to meet all over the world!). I’m not ready to send invitations yet, but if this sounds intriguing, sign up to be notified so I can tell you all about the next gathering.


Click to purchase an e-gift card for a Merryrose intuitive flower reading and flower essence blend. When you order, you can include a personal note and choose the date to have it digitally delivered (by email) to your recipient.